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Mark is a media programming specialist with a history of strong ratings performance.  He has achieved success in  South Florida, Austin and the Dallas/Ft Worth markets.  As a Program Director, Operations Manager and now VP of Programming...his expertise has won him multiple awards.  

On Air Talent


As an On-Air talent, Mark has been on the air in Chicago, Austin, South Florida and Dallas-Ft Worth.  He has aslo been on the air nationally and internationally on the ABC Radio Networks.  He has been named personality of the year and acheived top ratings while on the air.  His reliability, quick wit and abililty to connect with the community has made him a success. 



Mark McCray is a veteran voice over talent who has provided voice over work for several clients and media outlets.  AT&T, McDonalds, Sleep Experts and Weight Watchers are just a few clients who have used Mark's voice for their campaigns.  He has also been the voice of radio stations in Dallas, Washington DC, St Louis, Austin, West Palm Beach and Omaha.



Mark McCray has extensive work on screen.  From National Television writing and being featured in television news segments.  

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Picture slideshow of the many celebrities and stars Mark has had the chance to interact, interview and build relationships with over his career. 

Meet Mark McCray

Mark McCray, Broadcast Media Specialist


Mark McCray is a 25+ year broadcasting veteran.  He is currently the VP of Programming for Radio One and Reach Media in Dallas, TX.  Mark has career stops in Southern Illinois, Chicago, Austin, West Palm Beach and Dallas-Ft Worth.  He is also an experienced radio and television broadcaster.  Achieving multiple awards such as "Personality of the Year",  "Program Director of the Year" and recognized several times as one of the "Best Program Directors in America".  Additionally, Mark has been an on air radio personality for several local, national and international outlets as wells as a television contributor/writer for KDAF-TV in Dallas. 

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